Monday, October 29, 2012

My Pledge

I will make everyone a deal. IF the person I am supporting in this election wins, I pledge to you the following ten things will happen by during his term:

1. The annual deficit will be reduced by 50% from this year’s level, projected at $1.1 Trillion
2. Unemployment will be under 6%
3. Federal tax revenue will be increased without raising marginal tax rates
4. GDP growth will be over 3%
5. The number of persons on food stamps will be down from 2012-13, not because of cutback to the program
6. We will have been involved in fewer military engagements than we have been in the last four years
7. Poverty levels will have decreased from 2012-13
8. None of our ambassadors will be murdered abroad in the last three years of his term
9. The previous President will not be blamed for the state of affairs in the next Presidential election cycle
10. The Attorney General will not be under investigation or under contempt of Congress

If 2 or more of these conditions are not met I will admit I was wrong and will NOT vote for him or his party for another term. Just in case you were not aware, I do happen to support Romney in this election. If Obama wins and can meet 8 the same conditions I will vote for his party.

Are you willing to do the same? Do you have a different 10 things you expect from your President in the next 4 years?

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