Monday, October 29, 2012

Another bit of humor and a true story

True story happened to me last night.

I come home and Mike, a painter friend of mine, is working at my neighbor's house so I stop in to say Hi. Here is part of the conversation which came up, leaving out the personal chit chat.

Hey Mike, how's it going.

How's business been?

Eh, not that good. Been pretty slow

Sorry to hear that.

Been watching the playoffs

Nah, politics is my sports right now.

Mario, Mike's helper, chimes in "better watch out Mike knows his stuff"

"I think I will be ok", I said thinking Mike as a self employed small business owner was likely a Romney supporter.

Mike starts, "Yeah we gotta make sure we keep Romney out."

Really how come?

Oh, Obama has done so much?

Really, like what?


Mike, let me ask you this do you think all that the Fed is doing is Constitutional?

Of course

Really, have you read the Constitution?

oh yeah

And you think all is within the Enumerated Powers

Enumerated Powers?


Never heard of them

But you have read the Constitution

Sure I have

Well they are a major part of the Constitution. I wrote a paper on them. I can send it to you?


Do you know Obama blames his failure on the Constitution and says it is bothersome for him.

Oh he did not say that

Actually he did in an interview with Matt Lauer

Who's Matt Laurer?

He is on the Today show. Ok, so what has Obama done?

Foreign Policy!

Really like Libya

No I told me friends he screwed up on that one. But he got Osama?

Yes, he did but do you think there was any President that would not have done that.

Probably not

Back to Libya for a second, do you think it is more likely they were pissed off about Obama going around bragging about killing Osama or the video.

Well yeah, but he has been good for the middle class.

So I suppose you don't think the decliine in income has hurt things


What about unemployment do you believe that is really going down even though unemployment claims are rising?


You told me business is not good. Is it better now than 4 years ago?

well, he is socializing medicine

And that is a good thing?


So did you realize ObamaTAX gives the government the authority to access your bank account and take money at any time

Mikes, jaw drops.

Do you know if you don't buy health care insurance you will be fined?

All I know is that he is going to take money from rich guys like you, with two cars, and give to me!!!!!

Now there is one I can't argue with, Mike!

Update 11-6.   Mike just told me he did NOT vote for Obama.    He said between Libya and not accepting Federal funds in 2008 it was just too much for him.   However, he elected to leave the Presidential slot open on his ballot rather than vote for Romney

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