Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Often I have assisted others in putting forth logical discussion points to combat liberal ideas.  The Left often resorts to name calling and simple denial as arguments.  To be successful we must not resort to name calling and hate speech.  History, facts, and basic economic theory are on our side.  On numerous occasions I have provided links or thoughts to FB friends in order to give them the information required to successfully beat back ignorance.

Remember our goal here is not to win arguments.  Our goal is to change people’s attitudes, and ultimately their voting behavior, over time.   You don’t do that by name calling and insults.  You do that through education and a sense of humor where possible.  Look at the Occupiers vs. Tea Party demonstrations as examples.  Realize you may not change the person which posted the article or picture stating something incorrectly.   However, other persons reading the discussion can appreciate a reasoned and sensible argument against the disinformation. 

I have posted previously a discussion I had with an Obama supporter in my yard.  Here is another recent FB discussion where the person probably believes they won the discussion, but would any sensible person reading this discussion think,”Wow!  She really knew what she was talking about?”   She was not armed with any facts and had to resort to simple dismissal as her only weapon. 

It starts with a posting of this youtube video.  I have removed last names of other persons involved.

·         I will be driving their getaway vehicle....

Wes Owen Funny stuff! But if you need any gas money please let me know!

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Carol Ok will do! ;)

Mike What a tasteful ad!

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Wes Owen If fits the source. Just enjoy the humor for what it is

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Carol  Don't be doggin' my ole' homies or we will stop by your place on tour de force!

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Carol  You are right about the source. Anyone who needs to win by voter suppression deserves the get sucker punched right in the balls!!

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Wes Owen LMAO. Voter suppression? Let's talk Black Panthers or not sending out ballots to the military. Besides why would the R's want to suppress the senior vote. They are old and wise = Not voting for Obama

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Wes Owen  Seniors: Obama currently faces an 8-point deficit among seniors. That’s the same deficit he had against McCain on Election Day in 2008. But there’s one key difference: Obama lost seniors to McCain by 45–53; today, he trails Romney 41–49. Anytime an incumbent drops to around 40 or 41 percent with a specific group, it’s a safe assumption that the majority of that group’s undecided voters will break for the challenger. So there is great risk that Obama’s numbers among seniors will, in the end, be worse than they were in 2008.

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Wes Owen Would you like to make this an issue on free and fair elections where we can bring up voter fraud by ACORN and the NAACP? Or voting machines which change votes to Obama? No but you want to talk about voter ID as voter suppression I suppose?

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Carol There you go again...Wes ;-) You need to friend Mike . You two can go on a rant together! I love a
how you over-react to everything. Super-defensive eh? You should be. Because you are WRONG!

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Wes Owen And there you go dear, ignoring facts in blind support of Obama. Doing nothing to present any case to support your assertion except using an Obama tactic from the debate proclaiming something false with no evidence to the contrary. What is really scary is you probably think you present a more compelling argument. BTW I do like Mike

Carol  I don't have the time to respond to your bologna! Romney is the biggest LIAR on the face of this planet so please don't insult my intelligence with your rambling crap you claim as facts!

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Mike  Wow! I get in the shower and you guys really go at it! Speaking of voter ID, didn't I see Obama show his drivers license the other day when he voted in Chicago? Is that voter suppression? I guess it does suppress the dead guys that used to vote so much there ... under the Democratic Daley Machine. I wonder how much of that is still around?

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Carol You are not worthy of a debate with me! Please  Mike & Wes Owen go have a tea party together elsewhere! ;-)

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Carol  I have too much work to do on my list, one thing includes getting my 82 yr old father's id renewed. If it weren't for me helping him, he would probably not have the opportunity to vote.

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 I encourage all; post your Obama/Left ideas when you don’t know how to combat a particular point, or if you have already successively combated one let others benefit by posting.  Perhaps a good analysis of a news release?  Together we can help each other to show the return of limited Constitutional government is the path to prosperity and a greater America for all.

Above all remain use the powers of logic and knowledge to overcome ignorance. 

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