Saturday, November 10, 2012

Say no to tax increases

Mitt Romney’s concession speech had barely finished before Democrats and the MSM (Main Stream Media) starting in saying Republicans should “compromise” and agree to tax hikes in exchange for spending cuts. One thing is clear. WASHINGTON DOES NOT HAVE A REVENUE PROBLEM. Since WWII tax revenues have remained constant between 15 and 20% of GDP. We are at the upper end of that range now.

I believe under no circumstances should the Republican Party agree to a tax increase. But, why should we be so absolute on this issue? There are some good reasons to be so dogmatic.

One reason that is not acceptable is Party politics. I believe in what is best for America.

The deficit is a huge problem. Increasing taxes in this recession, realizing I use this term loosely, is going to further damage a weak and ailing economy. Obama would have us believe we should just tax the rich. We understand any tax takes money from the free market system and is subject to the Elasticity of taxes. We are not a group that believes in the class warfare of tax the rich.

Tax revenues being proposed as part of tax the rich are symbolic at best, as they will not raise significant revenue as compared to the scope of the issue. For instance the “Buffet” rule to raise taxes on the rich would only raise enough revenue in the best of circumstances to cover 3% of the budget shortfall, not the entire budget, just the deficit. At worst they will hurt economic growth and compound the problem.

The deficit is a mess. We got into this deficit not from tax cuts but from massive spending. It is the spending that should be cut.

If the Republicans were to do what the MSM and the Democrats want them to do, compromise and agree to raise taxes in exchange for spending cuts, do you know what that deal would look like?

There would be immediate tax increases on the American people. What form these tax increases would take is up for discussion. It could be elimination of the Bush tax cuts. It could be having the brackets and rates raised.

It could be elimination of loopholes. This we should accept if, and only if, it comes with the lowering of the rates to make the proposal revenue neutral. Any proposal which simplifies the tax code without raising taxes is a positive step forward.

Once the deal was set for the immediate imposition of tax hikes, spending hikes would be proposed. Any spending cut for this year would be insignificant at best. The rest of the spending cuts would be spaced out over the next five to ten years.

As soon as the deal was consummated, the Democrats would do the photo op with the Republicans announcing their grand bargain. Then, as soon as the campaign began, they would run against the Republicans for raising taxes.

And those spending cuts? They would never happen.

Any spending cut that is not immediate is not a spending cut. The Congress that meets in 2014 is not obligated to honor the spending cuts imposed by the Congress of 2013.

Politicians of both parties love deals that give them more money. They also love deals that cut spending in the future. The problem is, those future spending cuts never take place.

If the American people accept such a deal, they will end up like Charlie Brown. As he runs up to the football for the hundredth time, Lucy will once again pull the football away from him.

In Washington, it is standard fare for the politicians to insist on a deal where they get what they want immediately and the push the pain of their actions to some unspecified tomorrow. The only problem is tomorrow never comes.

Politicians are not serious about cutting spending. They simply want more tax money to spend.

If we want to begin to take back America we must resist the partisan politics of tax the rich. We must realize spending must be reduced and some of those cuts may come to our favorite programs. However, we must stick to our principals and understand the Constitution is the foundation of this country. Much of this spending is quite simply spending which the Federal government should not have started in the first place. We realize persons have become dependent on this spending and need to recognize there will have to be a period of transition.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some final thoughts before the election results

“I place economy among the first and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers to be feared. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. If we run into such debts, we must be taxed in our meat and drink, in our necessities and in our comforts, in our labor and in our amusements. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people, under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.”  – Thomas Jefferson  

In just a few more hours we will know who will be our President for next four years.  Over the last couple of months I have been vocal in my thoughts for ideas and policies which I believe and my support for the candidate which I think most reflects those ideas.  

I have attempted to do so in a respectful manner in which I did not resort to name calling, dismissing thoughts only because of the source, or just calling someone’s idea stupid.    I have pointed out falsehoods on both the left and the right.  I have even corrected my own thoughts when someone correctly showed me I was wrong, on more than one occasion. 

I have shared stories of my conversations with kids and adults, made new friends, both on and off Facebook.   I lost only one FB friend, I know of, because finding out he was a teacher I made a statement I thought teachers were undervalued and underpaid, deserving salaries in the six figures, but we needed to look the impacts of teachers unions as I thought they were hurting the education of our children.    His response was that he was president of the local union at one point and he was un-friending me.   Guess we see what is of importance in his mind.  Not sure how many persons turned off my postings though! 

It seemed that for every person who told me to chill I had more tell me they appreciated what I was doing and enjoyed reading what I wrote.   I was called names, told I was stupid, even that I needed to be checked for syphilis at one point.   It seemed a small price to pay though in the big scheme of things.

I do hope I have gotten persons to think a bit more about their choice this election.    I hope persons think a bit before posting wrong and fraudulent pictures that attempt to deceive rather than inform and  have take a second to think “does this information make sense?”, “do I have any idea what this even means?” before posting such things.  You would be surprised how many do not.  

Here was my pledge and what I expect if my candidate gets elected.   Do you know what you expect from your candidate or will you blindly support a candidate or party no matter what, making excuses and blaming everything but his policies for his failures?

I hope we collectively make the best decision for our future as well as future generations.  I will leave you with one final quote……

“I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground: That 'all powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States or to the people' (10th Amendment). To take a single step beyond the boundaries thus specifically drawn around the powers of Congress is to take possession of a boundless field of power, no longer susceptible to any definition.”—Thomas Jefferson

P.S. If Obama wins does anyone have an Obama sign I can borrow?   I have a bet I will need to pay off.

Monday, November 5, 2012

More quick pics

Grab any picture. put what you want on it, and call it good. I doubt he said this.

Did I miss where Obama served? 
No Romney did not serve in the military, but he created jobs by running a business.

Economy  - took $60 billion of your tax dollars to insure the UAW got their share of GM while ignoring investors.  Obama got $40 million in campaign contributions and thousands of non-union workers lost their jobs.
Jobs – Longest period unemployment over 8%.  Brags because he got below it the last two months even though it is started back up last month from 7.8 to 7.9%.  Promised his stimulus would keep unemployment from going over 8% and would be at 5.6% by the end of his term.  
Terrorism -  Guess he did not get enough as he watched on live TV events unfold in Libya and then lie about it being caused by a video instead of his policy of walk softly and carry a golf club
Health Care – Has to delay implementation until AFTER THE ELECTION so millions of seniors don’t see just how much he improves things
Women – pays women on his own staff less than the men and thinks women can only think with their lady parts instead of the brains and their wallets.
Taxes – All sorts of new taxes in his “health care” plan and regulations on business has been a hidden tax.  How do your bank fees look these days?    And, for you smokers I guess you do not count.

This is what they have to celebrate?

And, new unemployment claims were 170,000 and unemployment went up from 7.8 to 7.9%

Stocks closed sharply lower the very next day closing down 170 points…..whoops a 34 point loss over the two days

Unemployment is higher today than the day Obama took office in spite of spending a Trillion dollars last year on social programs. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Your right to vote!

The "Right to Vote" is JUST that, a RIGHT, a Priviledge of a Citizen to demonstrate their choice of a political leader in this country.

...It is for CITIZENS, not illegal aliens, visitors from other countries, or the dead. It is also NOT a priviledge for family pets.

This priviledge is yours, as either a Citizen born, or Naturalized, into this country, but it CAN be lost.

It can be lost by sneakily voting multiple times as the lady in Nevada , or OPENLY voting multiple times as that person on facebook did and then bragged about it.

It can be lost by committing Felonies, unless Obama has his way.

Make it a point to remember this. ALL your other rights also depend on that simple fact.

Another point on the Right to Vote.
It is Yours, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. provided by our founding fathers, and protected by your Military and your OWN right to keep and bear arms.

It is NOT in any way provided by the United Nations. NO United Nations charter has ANYTHING at all to do with the Voting in the United States, nor anything to do with the Constitution or the Rest of the Bill of Rights... Period.

Think this can't happen?  It will happen right here in Topeka and Jefferson City.

If you see a United Nations Poll Observer in any voting spot, you have the right to have him removed.

If you have a United Nations Observer try to look at your voting sheet or screen, they can be arrested. Your privacy in voting is GUARANTEED, regardless of what the AFL-CIO thinks.

If you see someone that you KNOW is illegally casting a vote, report it. If the United Nations observer tries to make sure that person is allowed to vote, he is aiding and abetting.

Times about up, get ready to vote, keep it real, keep it legal, and vote to win.. For Your rights, and mine.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Another silly and deceptive picture

Yet another picture distorting facts in an effort to justify negligent behavior on the part of Obama. 

Was anyone watching any these attacks live and told the military to stand down? Did they lie about them and blame on a video? Did they remove anyone from their post for trying to help? The biggest concern is not the attack happening. It is the response, during and after that is the concern.

Out of curiosity how many Americans were killed in these attacks?   I actually did a bit of research.
2002 Karachi no Americans killed.
2004 Uzbekistan no Americans killed, nor were they among the injured.
2004 Saudi Arabia no Americans killed.
2006 Syria no Americans were killed.
2007 A grenade was launched no one was killed.
2008  A fire was set not one died in Serbia.
2008 Yemen no Americans killed.

Reading this deceptive picture you would think a lot of Americans died, as you are supposed to assume.  No Americans died in any of these attacks.    None of these were multi-hour attacks which was watched live by drones flying overhead.  No one was told not to go help.  I would be willing to bet the scene was not left to sit for 24 days before the US started to investigate.

The truth is Obama failed to act and choose to go to bed the next day so he could get up and go party with Beyonce in Vegas.  Then he has tried to lie and cover it up until AFTER THE ELECTION.

Do not take these intentionally deceptive pictures at face value.  They are meant to distract from the real issues and help get the most successively destructive President of our lifetime re-elected.  They certainly are not about truth.

Another silly picture

First off let us acknowledge either candidate going to disaster areas is at best a good photo opportunity and at worst blatant pandering where they likely get in the way and slow efforts more than they help.  

However, the selective memory of the Left never stops amazing me.  Romney sent his own resources to help. Obama sent yours, taking Air Force One and spreading around your tax dollars.  Now I ask which is showing more "charity".  Perhaps we should talk about how much each of these candidates gave to charity over the last four years?  One gives millions.  The other gave almost nothing while living off of your tax dollars and saw his net worth grow from 1 to 11 million dollars over the last four years. 

Should we talk about turning down $5 million that could go to charity, but it is more important to hide his past?   What is in his past so terrible it is more important than helping the homeless, Sandy victims, or maybe the families of the persons killed in Libya?  All the while let’s not forget how important it was to the left to look into Romney's past.

But, let us get beyond all of that.   Let’s talk about the Federal government and if it should be involved to this extent in the first place.   Can we keep paying for everyone’s food, healthcare, retirement, cell phones, subsidizing people not to work, corporate handouts, and pay for every disaster that comes along?
At some point we need to assign priorities to what is important before we end up like Greece. 

We need to ask ourselves is the Federal government is the best ones to be addressing these things.   I remember during Katrina a friend of mine loaded up a truck full of water from the Wal-Mart warehouse she managed and had it there before FEMA was on-site.   Would we be better served by local governments and private businesses addressing these disasters? 
Are we stronger as a country asking others living in less disaster prone areas to subsidize more dangerous areas? 

And, finally the most important question?  Is it even Constitutional for the Federal government to be participating in this manner.  How much more prepared could local government be if the Federal government had not overstepped the boundaries established for it by the Constitution.  If the money the Federal government took from us was reduced by 60, 70 even 80% how much more could your local government do with that money?  Who knows better your state’s needs, a Washington bureaucrat or your local officials?

I would suggest there is a likely a middle ground where FEMA is a smaller leaner organization that can specialize in managing and helping others in reacting to emergencies.

Who's the hypocrite?

As is evident from this conversation this person has no idea of what the facts are behind this picture.  The simple fact is she posted it because it called John McCain a name.

Wes Owen Interesting post Connie. Do you have a source for this information and was it caused by Bush's inaction or were these terrorists’ attacks without warning?

I have been very consistent that I don’t think we can attack the policies leading up to the at
tack as I believe it is a very complex discussion if we should want persons to like us or fear and respect us as better policy. While personally I believe a policy of walk softly and carry a golf club has resulted in a perception we can be attacked without retribution. That is not what I have been concerned with here.

However, what I have objected to is that Obama did not allow, and in fact has punished persons that attempted, to assist and save lives. Then he followed it up by blaming the attacks on a 6 month old video for two weeks afterwards. He has stonewalled attempts to understand the actions the Whitehouse took during the attacks, and went to bed while things were still “hot”. Getting up the next day to go to Vegas to campaign with Beyonce.

  • Connie: Not sure if you are familiar with lots of information there, benghazi, this particular post is from Go Left... a facebook page. As far as I know.... all of the information regarding Benghazi hasn't been completed yet. There are always lots of shudda, woulda, coulda.... let's wait to see what "all" needs to be considered.
  • Wes Owen Actually I do know MJ. I try to educate myslf from multiple sources. So, if I may infer we have no idea what this picture means except they are calling people names. These persons could have died from old age, car accident, government provided healthcare in a foreign country ;-) or a terrorist bomb. What we do know is that Bush did not tell two generals to stand down and relieved them from duty for trying to do something. What you are asserting is it is fine to wait until AFTER THE ELECTION to find out the facts, as Obama seems to establishing such a mode of operation for many things.
  • Connie: Ok.... I still think we should wait to pass judgement until "ALL" the facts are in.
  • Wes Owen AFTER THE ELECTION. Would you be so lolerant if this was a R? And you still can't explain the picture yet you blindly post it becuase it calls names?
  • Friday, November 2, 2012

    Top 10 Why not vote for Obama

    Only a few days left until the elections.   I would implore everyone to think this weekend before voting.  Agree or disagree with me I think you should spend more time reflecting on the future of this country than if the Chiefs should have a new QB or GM.

    Here are some of my thoughts why I will not vote for Obama.  My top 10:

    1.      He has spent more than any previous President, yet complains he has not spent enough.
    2.      He got his stimulus plan and failed to deliver on the promise of unemployment.
    3.      His bailout of GM was nothing more than payoffs to unions, using our tax dollars, to insure more union dues flowed into his campaign, while investors were left out in the cold. While thousands of non-union workers lost their jobs.
    4.       He had a Democrat Congress for half his term yet still complains the Republicans were his road block. Oh, and he could not get one vote for his budget, even from a Democrat. The Democrats failed to pass a single budget.  Yet he blames Republicans for being obstructionists.
    5.      He has taken more money than any President in our lifetime. Government revenues are at the highest level since WW II as a percent of GDP. Yet, the answer still is to raise taxes higher.  Raising taxes will not raise the revenues expected and will be detrimental to the country as explained here
    6.      Even with record revenues he has the largest deficits ever.
    7.      Last year he spent almost $60,000 for every family in poverty, yet poverty has not decreased.
    8.      He got his Obamacare promising the cost of healthcare would go down. Yet costs have gone up. For my thoughts on a better way and why it is bad not only bad for America, but bad for the World, read here!/2012/10/a-better-approach-to-health-care.html
    9.      AFTER THE ELECTION I fear what he has planned.  He has told the Russian ambassador he will have more freedom to do things AFTER THE ELECTION. He has told businesses not to announce layoffs until AFTER THE ELECTION. He has stopped the implementation of Obamacare, which will cut Medicare and the letters to inform seniors, until AFTER THE ELECTION. All of these he choose not to do…..not because of obstructionist  Republicans, but because he wants to hide these things from YOU until AFTER THE ELECTION. 
    10.  And, finally to get to a very current event, his policy of walk softly and carry a golf club has resulted in the rape and murder of persons in Libya and he has followed the same policy of blame and trying to push it off until after the election to cover it up.

    I believe all of these things are hastening the predictions of both Marx and Jefferson.

    "Democracy is a form of government that cannot long survive, for as soon as the people learn that they have a voice in the fiscal policies of the government, they will move to vote for themselves all the money in the treasury, and bankrupt the nation."
    — Karl Marx
    "When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."
    — Benjamin Franklin

    These are my individual thoughts.  Not cut and pasted thoughts of someone else.  This election, think for yourself.