Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Riley story

Another true story about my Little Brother, Riley, from Big Brothers........

Tonight Riley is having his first sleep over at my place with Jack my neighbor's son. On the way to pick up Riley I was listening to Hannity with Jack in the car. Hannity was talking about Obama and Jack stated "Obama is like Carter", obviously he had been listening to his mom. As a response I just said "sure are some similarities."

After we pick up Riley Hannity was still on. One of the boys said, "I don't see why anyone likes Obama."

This is the conversation that ensued;

Well, alot of people like him because he gives them stuff.


Like cell phones or free doctor's visits.


Ok how about if I gave you candy would you like me better, Jack?


That is why people like Obama.

Now what if I took money from your dad to buy candy to give to Riley. Would you like that?


That is why people don't like Obama.

Just have to talk to them in kid terms and start them young!

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