Sunday, November 4, 2012

Your right to vote!

The "Right to Vote" is JUST that, a RIGHT, a Priviledge of a Citizen to demonstrate their choice of a political leader in this country.

...It is for CITIZENS, not illegal aliens, visitors from other countries, or the dead. It is also NOT a priviledge for family pets.

This priviledge is yours, as either a Citizen born, or Naturalized, into this country, but it CAN be lost.

It can be lost by sneakily voting multiple times as the lady in Nevada , or OPENLY voting multiple times as that person on facebook did and then bragged about it.

It can be lost by committing Felonies, unless Obama has his way.

Make it a point to remember this. ALL your other rights also depend on that simple fact.

Another point on the Right to Vote.
It is Yours, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. provided by our founding fathers, and protected by your Military and your OWN right to keep and bear arms.

It is NOT in any way provided by the United Nations. NO United Nations charter has ANYTHING at all to do with the Voting in the United States, nor anything to do with the Constitution or the Rest of the Bill of Rights... Period.

Think this can't happen?  It will happen right here in Topeka and Jefferson City.

If you see a United Nations Poll Observer in any voting spot, you have the right to have him removed.

If you have a United Nations Observer try to look at your voting sheet or screen, they can be arrested. Your privacy in voting is GUARANTEED, regardless of what the AFL-CIO thinks.

If you see someone that you KNOW is illegally casting a vote, report it. If the United Nations observer tries to make sure that person is allowed to vote, he is aiding and abetting.

Times about up, get ready to vote, keep it real, keep it legal, and vote to win.. For Your rights, and mine.

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