Saturday, November 3, 2012

Another silly and deceptive picture

Yet another picture distorting facts in an effort to justify negligent behavior on the part of Obama. 

Was anyone watching any these attacks live and told the military to stand down? Did they lie about them and blame on a video? Did they remove anyone from their post for trying to help? The biggest concern is not the attack happening. It is the response, during and after that is the concern.

Out of curiosity how many Americans were killed in these attacks?   I actually did a bit of research.
2002 Karachi no Americans killed.
2004 Uzbekistan no Americans killed, nor were they among the injured.
2004 Saudi Arabia no Americans killed.
2006 Syria no Americans were killed.
2007 A grenade was launched no one was killed.
2008  A fire was set not one died in Serbia.
2008 Yemen no Americans killed.

Reading this deceptive picture you would think a lot of Americans died, as you are supposed to assume.  No Americans died in any of these attacks.    None of these were multi-hour attacks which was watched live by drones flying overhead.  No one was told not to go help.  I would be willing to bet the scene was not left to sit for 24 days before the US started to investigate.

The truth is Obama failed to act and choose to go to bed the next day so he could get up and go party with Beyonce in Vegas.  Then he has tried to lie and cover it up until AFTER THE ELECTION.

Do not take these intentionally deceptive pictures at face value.  They are meant to distract from the real issues and help get the most successively destructive President of our lifetime re-elected.  They certainly are not about truth.

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