Saturday, November 3, 2012

Who's the hypocrite?

As is evident from this conversation this person has no idea of what the facts are behind this picture.  The simple fact is she posted it because it called John McCain a name.

Wes Owen Interesting post Connie. Do you have a source for this information and was it caused by Bush's inaction or were these terrorists’ attacks without warning?

I have been very consistent that I don’t think we can attack the policies leading up to the at
tack as I believe it is a very complex discussion if we should want persons to like us or fear and respect us as better policy. While personally I believe a policy of walk softly and carry a golf club has resulted in a perception we can be attacked without retribution. That is not what I have been concerned with here.

However, what I have objected to is that Obama did not allow, and in fact has punished persons that attempted, to assist and save lives. Then he followed it up by blaming the attacks on a 6 month old video for two weeks afterwards. He has stonewalled attempts to understand the actions the Whitehouse took during the attacks, and went to bed while things were still “hot”. Getting up the next day to go to Vegas to campaign with Beyonce.

  • Connie: Not sure if you are familiar with lots of information there, benghazi, this particular post is from Go Left... a facebook page. As far as I know.... all of the information regarding Benghazi hasn't been completed yet. There are always lots of shudda, woulda, coulda.... let's wait to see what "all" needs to be considered.
  • Wes Owen Actually I do know MJ. I try to educate myslf from multiple sources. So, if I may infer we have no idea what this picture means except they are calling people names. These persons could have died from old age, car accident, government provided healthcare in a foreign country ;-) or a terrorist bomb. What we do know is that Bush did not tell two generals to stand down and relieved them from duty for trying to do something. What you are asserting is it is fine to wait until AFTER THE ELECTION to find out the facts, as Obama seems to establishing such a mode of operation for many things.
  • Connie: Ok.... I still think we should wait to pass judgement until "ALL" the facts are in.
  • Wes Owen AFTER THE ELECTION. Would you be so lolerant if this was a R? And you still can't explain the picture yet you blindly post it becuase it calls names?
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